SensorsONE Seawater Sensors

SensorsOne Water tight sensors & instruments made from materials that have a high corrosion resistance to seawater.

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LMK458/LMK458H Specifications

Marine Approved Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

ATM/N Specifications

Titanium Submersible Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitter

DMK457 Specifications

Pressure Transmitter For Shipbuilding And Offshore

LMK806 Specifications

Plastic Probe for Aggressive Media

MTM3000 Specifications

Depth and Level Pressure Transmitter

IMCTL Specifications

Submersible Dual Level & Temperature Transmitter

SWL Specifications

Seawater Submersible Level Transmitter

SI2C Specifications

Submersible Level Transmitter with Ceramic sensor and SDI-12