Redi-Flo4® Variable Performance Pumps

The Redi-Flo4® Variable Performance Pumps are submersibles constructed of virgin Teflon® and stainless steel to handle the rigors of contaminated groundwater monitoring and continuous operation in remediation applications. TheRedi-Flo4® Variable Performance Pumps are designed to operate in 4 inch and larger wells to depths of 524 feet. TheRedi-Flo4® pumps have a built-in check valve to prevent back-flow in the well after the pump is shut down. A user-friendly cable guard aids in the ease of variable length motor lead installation.

By combining one Grundfos 2 hp Variable Performance Motor with one of four specific Redi-Flo Pump Ends, Flow rates from zero to 50 GPM are attainable.

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Redi-Flo4 Variable Speed Spec Sheet

Variable Performance Submersible Pumps, Models 5E8, 10E5, 16E4, 25E3