Seametrics FT400 Series

The FT400 Series flow computers are microcontroller-based indicator/transmitters that interface with pulse output flow sensors to compute and display flow rate, flow total, and also generate output signals representing flow.The FT430 and FT450 have one scaled pulse output and one pulse pass through. The FT440 has two scaled pulse outputs. Galvanic isolation is provided for most pulse outputs.Pulse and 4-20mA analog outputs can be used to signal external devices, e.g. certain metering pumps and water treatment controls.

Alternatively, one or more pulse outputs can be configured as alarm outputs. These flow computers can be password protected to prevent resetting the total or changing configuration settings.

FT400-Series Rate/Total Indicator

Key Features:

  • Simple Setup
  • DC Powered (FT430), Loop Powered (FT440), or Battery Powered (FT450)
  • Remote or Flow Sensor Mounted Indicator
  • Rugged Plastic Housing
  • Non-Volatile Memory
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