PVC Pressure Transducers

Cuvo Pumping Solutions, Inc. is pleased to now offer Sensor One’s PVC submersible pressure transducers designed for continuous level measurement for waste water and/or different aggressive media such as acid. The Basic element of the plastic submersible probe is the flush mounted ceramic sensor, which makes cleaning easier when solid parts of the media deposit on it.

With a choice of PVC or PVDF body, ceramic senor, various cable material choices, and combined with an economical cost; this submersible pressure transducer is the perfect choice for use in waste water treatment, water recycling, landfills, and with aggressive media such as acids and lye.

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LMK807 PVC Pressure Transducer

Plastic submersible probe for aggressive media, ceramic censor

LMK809 PVDF Pressure Transducer

Plastic probe for aggressive media, high purity ceramic sensor