SensorsONE SRP-N118 Digital Display

SensorsONE SRP-N118 Digital Alarm Indicator for Wall Mounting. An easy to install wall mounted digital display for use in high humidity or outdoor environments to provide a convenient way of monitoring a measured reading with minimal installation. Enclosed in a box the 4 digital LED indicator can be configured via the front keypad or an infrared remote control to measure any sensor with a 4 to 20mA output signal.

Product Description

The SRP N118 IP65 protected digital indicator can be used to power and read the output of any type sensor that has a 4-20mA current loop including pressure, liquid level, temperature, flow, etc…. The sensor can be calibrated to provide a linear conversion to any engineering units as long as they can be represented as 4 digits.

For non-linear applications, such as measuring the volume of liquid in a cylindrical tank with a level sensor, up to 20 custom measurement points can be entered into the SRPN118 signal conditioning indicator. For dp flow applications a square root extraction formula can be applied so that the readings can be converted from the linear dp signal into a linear reading of flow.

For switch on and turn off control two user settable alarm relays are available as standard. For example the relay switches can be used to control the level in a water tank or provide a warning if the water level is too low or too high.

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Digital Alarm Indicator for Wall Mounting