Lorentz Leachate Pumps

Cuvo Pumping Solutions is pleased to be an authorized distributor of the LORENTZ Solar Leachate pumps. These pumps offer you a reliable and efficient way to manage Leachate levels without power or air lines. The high efficiency, intelligent pump system brings a new but proven approach to the market. These pumps remove many of the service challenges of traditional air pumps and so reduce your operating costs. The high efficiency system gives you power choices, allowing you to run from grid or solar power so allowing you to keep within compliance levels without the need for infrastructure.

Easy to install and maintain; call us today to provide a no cost estimate for your Solar Leachate Pump Solution!
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Lorentz PS2-600 HR-07 Leach Specs

Solar Submersible Pump System for 4″ wells

Lorentz Leachate and Remediation Pump Brochure

A new approach to solving your landfill pumping challenges

Leachate Management Case Study

Management of leachate levels across 7 wells in an active landfi ll site