Lorentz Leachate Pumps

Lorentz offers you an electrically powered down well progressive cavity pump as a better solution to solve your Leachate pumping challenges. Our high efficiency, intelligent pump systems bring a new but proven approach to the market. Our pumps remove many of the service challenges of both air pumps and non-specialized electric submersibles and so reduce your operating costs. The high efficiency system gives you power choices, allowing you to run from grid or solar power, so opening up locations that were previously not economical.

Reducing operating costs

Managing a landfill site is a long term obligation so minimizing operating costs while maintaining high compliance standards is critical to financial viability. With the Lorentz solution there are no parts to replace and no valves to clean and the self-cleaning pump action reduces scale build up. wearing items to replace, no scheduled service intervals, no broken rods or pulling of pumps for cleaning.

Making you infrastructure independent

By using our high efficiency pump systems, you can pump Leachate on solar power, cheaply, reliably and silently. The low voltage brushless electric pumps operate without the need for generators, compressors or any infrastructure. Of course, the system can also run on grid power where high efficiency means lower power consumption, lower utility bills and cool running for a long life. Through the life of the landfill you can use grid power when the site is actively being filled and then move to solar power as the site is closed. This allows for long term management and monitoring without infrastructure.

Putting you in control to manage compliance

The Lorentz system is connected. It can be fully controlled for speed and running time, this lets you easily adjust exactly how much fluid is extracted and when it is extracted. The pump controller constantly records operational data and provides access to rich information for the operator. You can do this on the job site or from anywhere with our pump manager system.

Managing and reporting fluid levels on site is easily done as the Lorentz system has two liquid level measurement connections. With this feature you can see exactly how much Leachate is in a well for reporting purposes and for pump control, you can also see if tanks need to be emptied.

Lowering project risk

By including all the software and hardware inputs that you will need into our pump controller you know that your project will deliver what you want without the need to integration of additional equipment. For example, our controller has eight sensor inputs that allow analogue and digital sensors to be connected and monitored. Data is stored and can be view or reported in real time.

Additionally, the system can drive external devices and take additional inputs allowing integration to your Leachate treatment plant or other equipment on site.

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